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Leading provider of SMB-focused IT solutions and support

We strive to provide small and medium sized businesses

with the best in corporate-grade technology.

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IT Professionals


Managed and run by experienced IT personnels, even our bosses know the in and outs of IT!

on SMBs

We focus on small and medium businesses, so we provide corporate-grade IT support and solutions at

non corporate-grade pricing.


By remaining neutral, we are not tied to any specific brand nor distributor. This gives us a wide array of choices in technological offerings and in turn whatever you need, we provide the best.


We paint the whole picture. Corporate-grade IT solutions are actually affordable. We disrupt the market by bringing them to SMBs, and we are proud to do it. We are levelling the playing field between corporations and SMBs.

Ms. hong
Koolman International (M) Sdn. Bhd.

“These guys walk the talk. Delivered professional services at great prices, they are on my speed dial number 6 now.”


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